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Estate planning and administration are at the core of our practice, but our services actually extend much further — literally. We work with clients throughout the Kansas City area, including those in Johnson County, Wyandotte County, Douglas County and Miami County. Whether your legal needs involve estate planning, financial elder abuse, special needs planning, a personal injury or a business matter, we are prepared to represent you. And, to make your life that much easier, we will do so in a relaxed, comfortable environment — one that makes it easy to talk about your budgetary needs.

Our unique backgrounds give clients a real advantage in & out of trial. What truly sets us apart, though, is how much we love getting to know our clients & helping them on a personal level.

Lynn Bayes-Weiner

A rare blend of estate planning, dispute resolution & courtroom experience

When you go into a surgery, you not only expect your doctor to know the operation by heart, but also know what to do if a complication arises. The same should be true for your lawyer.

It’s not too difficult to find a lawyer who knows a lot about one thing — say, estate planning. However, it is fairly rare to find an estate planning attorney who also knows how to represent you in estate disputes, whether in or out of court. With us, you don’t have to compromise. Our attorneys are seasoned estate planners and litigators (courtroom attorneys) with years of experience and highly-regarded reputations in other areas of the law that can impact a client's legal matter. We handle each matter with care and precision, but are prepared to handle the occasional surprises that can arise.  

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We live by the motto “two heads are better than one.”

Work with either one of us, and you get two legal minds collaborating on the best way to resolve your case — all for the price of one.

To us, it doesn’t matter which side of the Kansas/Missouri
Border You Live on. We’re well-versed in both states’ laws.

Proudly Serving the Entire Kansas City Metro

As locals to the Kansas City area, we understand the headache that sometimes comes with living so close to a state border. Fortunately, this geographical complication doesn’t have to impede on your legal matter — not with us in your corner.

Since our firm’s inception, we’ve handled a wide variety of cases in both Kansas and Missouri. In addition to our immediate neighbors of Wyandotte and Johnson Counties, we also work with those living in Jackson County, Platte County and Cass County.

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Practice Areas

Estate Planning & Administration
Your estate plan should reflect your unique needs and wishes. In the same sense, your loved one’s estate should be administered in a way that reflects theirs. We plan and administer estates with your specific situation in mind.
Special Needs Planning
Special needs loved ones require special considerations in your estate plan. If you want to pass on your assets to a child or relative with disabilities, talk to us first to ensure they’ll be able to keep their government benefits.
Probate & Trust Litigation
Distributing a loved one’s assets is emotionally draining even when everything goes smoothly. When you notice something being handled the wrong way, it gets even more difficult. Call us for smart but kind representation.
Elder Law
To us, the mistreatment of a senior citizen is absolutely unacceptable. If you or an older relative has experienced financial, physical or emotional abuse, call us immediately. We will push back without hesitation.
Personal Injury
Everyday, people get hurt in accidents that were caused by someone else. And every day, we help those people recover financial compensation from the responsible party so they can relax and focus on healing.
Business Litigation
When business disputes arise, you need a knowledgeable attorney in your corner. We handle disputes involving breaches of contract, buy-sell agreements, partnership disagreements and non-compete covenants.

We Want to Know
What’s on Your Mind

Legal issues — especially those concerning family, finances or loss — are hard on everyone. With us, you’ll be treated with understanding and respect, no matter what you’re going through.

Whether it’s an estate plan, an injury, a business concern or the loss of a loved one that brings you in, know that we are here to listen.

To be frank, not everyone knows how to talk about painful topics like losing a family member or suffering a debilitating injury or illness. The law may be our work, but we are people first, and we aren’t afraid to address the elephant in the room. Work with us, and you’ll never have to tiptoe around any sensitive subjects. Not only will we listen, but we will offer support wherever we can.

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We Look Forward to Meeting You

Whether you live in Johnson County, Wyandotte County, Douglas County, Miami County,
the Kansas City Metro area or Western Missouri, we can’t wait to get to know you.

We’re glad you’ve found our website. Although we try to be as advanced as anyone in today’s electronic world, we believe that most needs still come down to basics, whether from a human or business standpoint. As a result, we look forward to actually talking with you, meeting you and learning from you what you need and want in the areas of legal service we provide.

Concerned about you, first and foremost

We may be legal professionals, but that doesn’t mean we’re an “all business” kind of law firm. Many of our clients reach out after losing a loved one or discovering an illness that forces them to consider their own mortality. Let’s not pretend those losses aren’t devastating. Our office is a safe place. Come in, and we will always start by asking how you’re doing. It’s not a formality — it’s just who we are.

Flat fees for estate planning services

When it comes to estate planning, we offer our clients a flat rate. Why? Because it puts your mind at ease. You know up front what it’s going to cost you to set up a will or trust. From there on out, you can relax knowing that we’re going to do whatever it takes to make your estate plan operational — without any additional charges getting tacked on to your bill.

Prepared to write, mediate or litigate for you

If you’re not a legal professional, the words “litigate” and “mediate” might not mean a whole lot to you. What it comes down to is simply this: we have the tools, training and experience to be anything you may need — from an impartial negotiator to a passionate representative in court. No matter how your case develops, we’ll be ready to inform, advise and fight for you.